My child is younger than 6, can they still join?

Really depends on the individual child. if they are able to work safely, with the same level of independence as the others we will make an exception for children nearly 7.


Do you have to be good at drawing to do an Arts Award?

I presume you mean analytical drawing (recognisable/accurate/3d) No, not at all. In fact there is no requirement to draw in any Arts Award at any level. However drawing is part of this particular course and there will be an expectation to join in with all the activities. The drawing we will do will be more experimental and expressive in its approach, for example drawing with sticks, drawing through touch (eyes closed), mark making to music etc. If there is a particular reason why your child struggles with a certain activity we can find an alternative way through.


Does my child have to have already completed Discover before starting Explore?

No, they can start at any level that’s appropriate.


Is Arts Award a proper qualification?

Yes, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold are all recognised qualifications on the qualifications framework. Explore is classed as an Entry Level 3 Qualification.


Is there any writing involved?

Again, there is no formal written element in Arts Award, its really dependent on the particular course you choose and the particular centre that is delivering it. There are spaces to write in the log books and annotations are helpful, however children on our course are free to record their thoughts and experiences in a variety of different ways; if they want to write themselves they can, or we can have a conversation, they can dictate to a scribe, make an audio recording, video recording, powerpoint, or even use emoji’s, mime and expressive dance! We can be as creative as you like.


Is there any homework?

No, although I might suggest activities to extend what we are doing, or give the children questions to ponder, it would be entirely optional and informal.


What happens if we miss a session?

It can be tricky with different members of the group working on different stages of a process. We will try our best to help the children catch up but they may well end up missing out on certain opportunities. There are no refunds given for missed sessions, unless cancelled by us. Full details in out terms and conditions at the bottom of the home page.


Can my child just do the course without being entered for the Arts Award?

Yes, its the same price for the weekly sessions, you just don’t have to pay for their work to be assessed and moderated.


Can I stay with my child?

There is not space for all the children to have an adult stay with them. Ideally they would be dropped off and collected. If there is a particular reason you need to stay please let me know before booking.


My child has SEN, is Arts Award suitable for them?

Yes, Arts Award is fully inclusive and accessible to all young people. Please contact us directly to discuss your child’s particular needs.


What happens if they don’t pass?

In Arts Award there is only Pass or Not Pass. If a candidate doesn’t pass there is an opportunity to add additional evidence and resubmit for moderation.


How long does it take to get the certificates?

Approximately 4-6 weeks after moderation.


Who is teaching this course?

The lessons will be taught by myself, Nancy Cawte. I am a fully qualified teacher and Arts Award adviser. Please look at our Love Art and Craft team page under the About tab for more information. Occasionally (when I have other commitments I can’t move), the sessions will be taught by another member of the Love Art and Craft team, Katherine Miller, Janine Brooks – Buckingham or Tamsin Jolly.

All our staff have DBS certificates, First Aid and Safeguarding training. We are fully insured.